Enjoy Greater Privacy And Security Than With Typical Cloud Connections

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Microsoft Azure Working Environments 

Interhost are experienced providers of Microsoft Azure Cloud solutions.  Our fully qualified team can deliver high performance solutions and have a proven track record of Azure implementation and delivery. Microsoft Azure allows you the freedom to build and deploy wherever you want, using the tools, frameworks and applications that are applicable to your business.

Our primary function at Interhost is to provide production environments for clients where we can build Server Estates, configure them and support them. Ultimately, you will have the capability to run your entire I.T. production kit out of Azure, guaranteeing the knowledge that it is safe, reliable and instantly scalable.

If you need help in designing and implementing your first solution, contact Interhost and a sales specialist can walk you through the process and advise on costs.

Azure ExpressRoute

Implement private connections between Azure and your Interhost connectivity solution for reliable, secure and fast connections to Microsoft Azure

At Interhost, our Microsoft Azure ExpressRoute allows you to bypass the public internet and utilize a more reliable connection to your Azure IT environment. Leveraging ExpressRoute allows you to enjoy greater privacy and security than typical cloud connections; without compromising security or performance features.


Microsoft Azure Options & Benefits

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