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Hosted Desktop for Property Development and Estate Agents

Providing a hosted desktop for property lettings and estate agents has been growing over the years and Interhost has seen a hosted desktop become the perfect solution for those in the property industry many times.

Our hosted desktop product is the solution estate agents and property developers need. It operates from different offices and locations and enables employees to access the same desktop from any device, just as long as they have an internet connection. Estate agents are able to access the same information for clients whether they are out and about, at a property viewing, or in the office.

In an industry where remote working is required, a hosted desktop is the perfect solution. In addition, by using our hosted desktops, you no longer need to deal with installations or the maintenance of hardware. Interhost have a support system that exceeds the normal working hours, providing reassurance and flexibility to all our customers.


Microsoft Azure Options for Property Development and Estate Agents

Interhost believe the Microsoft Azure environment is where your property business needs to be. Azure leads in compliance, enterprise security and superior disaster recovery, allowing vast scope for highly secure speed and scalability.



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