Microsoft Azure Options & Benefits

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Microsoft Azure Options

Backup To Azure

  • Backup solution allows you to protect your critical assets wherever they are, delivers the ultimate protection for customers’ data no matter where it is occupied. The secure and reliable backup solution provides operational peace of mind.

Azure Site Recovery

  • Eliminate the burden of expensive site recovery, Azure site recovery enables you to protect your IT infrastructure meaning that if disaster does arise you can be safeguarded. This cost-effective solution also reduces infrastructure costs by migrating workloads to Azure for a true hybrid experience.

Test And Development

  • Implement your development and test solution for more features faster. Delivering a consistent development and test environment on your terms through an easily accessible infrastructure. Test environments allows you to replicate real-world usage scenarios in your test environment allowing you to eradicate problems before you release. Dev-test environments can be constructed in seconds, which means you only pay by the minute.

Azure Active Directory

  • Delivering an extensive range of robust capabilities to manage users and groups. Azure Active Directory allows a simplified outcome for users to access any cloud application. Azure Multi-Factor Authentication keeps your business protected from potential threats with high level security monitoring and alerts.

Microsoft Azure Benefits

  • Interhost provides private access enabling Microsoft Azure to deliver revolutionised capabilities, including data backup and recovery services, infrastructure services such as traffic management and virtual network, as well as identity and production management.
  • Diverse interconnectivity paths to and from the Microsoft Azure cloud for guaranteed reliability.
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