Revolutionise meetings with Skype for Business

The world that we live in is the same size physically as it has always been; however, it increasingly feels like the world is getting bigger. This is because technology has evolved and adapted to make communications and transport better, opening up business opportunities for everyone and interconnecting continents. This process is called globalisation, before this process occurred, it is estimated that people would never travel more than 26 miles from their hometown in their life time. Now it is not uncommon for businesses to operate nationally or even on a global scale. This could in turn, cause employees to have to work remotely from anywhere, which can cause issues with attending important meetings. Thankfully, with Skype for Business, you can revolutionise the way that meetings and connectivity works in your business.

There are a plethora of benefits that come with Skype for Business. First of all, with Skype for Business, your team’s accessibility will increase. This is because Skype for Business allows your team to connect from anywhere in the world using a Windows, IOS or Android device. All it takes is a compatible device and a working internet connection! You will also have the ability to collaborate with team members using video of voice conferences, as well as be able to share screens with ease. This can completely revolutionise the way that meetings work, providing the opportunity to speak face to face from anywhere!

Another benefit is that of an increase in security and control. Skype for business is protected by powerful encryption and authentication systems. These security systems include protection systems, meaning your data will be secure. So whether you are working from home, on the move or from an office desk, you can have ease of mind knowing everyone gets the same resilient security features.

An obvious benefit from incorporating Skype into your business infrastructure is that you will get a huge boost to your business communications. Skype for business allows you to communicate with your team in real time. You are also able to connect from virtually anywhere, again the only requirement being a working internet connection and a compatible device.

There are tons of reasons why you should consider Skype for Business as an option. The main appeal would be the accessibility benefits, due to an increasing importance of being able to work remotely. If you are considering changing your communications solution be sure to get in contact with us, as a fully accredited Microsoft partner, we would love to help you implement Skype in to your business!

Written on 19th June 2019

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