How leased lines connectivity will benefit your business

The business communication environment both internally and externally has propelled over the last five years, resulting in an increasing strain on business connectivity. By completing day-to-day business operations, requires maximum connectivity to ensure your everyday operations run seamlessly. Leased lines is the most resilient and best quality solution for businesses where broadband is essential.

Managed Resilience

We keep you online all the time, providing 99.9% service availability through our fixed SLAs. Our highly sophisticated network handles high speed and bandwidth with lower latency for businesses requiring a resilient connectivity solution. The dedicated line ensures robust security features and options connecting two ports via dedicated fibre optic cables, without the need for a telephone number.

Cloud Access

As businesses continue revolutionising their IT environment, cloud computing has become an integral function for modern businesses to embrace. By deploying leased lines allows you to access the cloud faster, which eliminates delays when accessing your cloud-hosted information.

High Capacity and Speed

Implementing a dedicated line allows you to run your business the way you should be able to, preventing the potential of every day operations and productivity levels suffering when broadband connectivity is exhausted. A leased line has speeds available from 2Mbps up to 10 Gbps depending on your business requirements.

Cost-Effective solution

The burden of poor connectivity can cost your business thousands each year and leave you without a reliable and secure solution. Using leased lines ensures your business can also be migrating applications to the cloud such as SaaS for secure reliability.

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Written on 24th January 2019

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