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We are respected as a leader in our field

Interhost has over 18 years track record of providing best of breed IT solutions

Based on word of mouth and recommendation, Interhost has become the “trusted advisor” to a number of market verticals. Our stability, solution ownership and focus on core services are defining factors when we are judged against our competitors. As a company, we have grown alongside our clients many of whom have expanded their operations.

We have regularly invested in the development of our Datacentres, network and technical support staff which enables us to offer the best levels of support. Our core values reflect our ability to constantly improve upon what we do in the solutions and services that we offer.

As one of the most stable companies within the technology sector, Interhost can provide a robust digital ecosystem that is equipped for the future - providing peace of mind to all our clients.


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"You have to remember that we only deal with companies who can deliver a high level of service and understand that clients are important. Believe me, there are plenty of businesses out there who have forgotten that without clients they have no business, so that’s who you should look after first." Stephen Oakden, Architecture