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Interhost has over 18 years track record of providing best of breed IT solutions

In 1999 Interhost began specialising in hosted desktops to offer a solution for local companies who were struggling with outdated in-house IT infrastructure.  Based in Tunbridge Wells but using co-located Servers in various London Datacentres we would make support visits to nearby businesses while managing their systems and data remotely.  The hosted desktops we provided would instantly fix 3 problems:

  • Replace outdated and unreliable equipment - removing the CapEx of equipment renewal with a quantified OpEx.
  • Eliminate the need for on-site Server hardware
  • Remove the cost of IT staff - Interhost are a go-to Support firm who are able to cover all aspects of IT.

It was the first version of ‘The Cloud’.  With a growing customer base we soon provided services all over the UK and our geographical reach now extends globally.  We specialise in hosted desktops, remote support, connectivity and all Cloud based IT solutions.  Our cutting edge products are provided to a global client base across all industries.

Following the initial supply of hosted desktops, we discovered further problems that people needed to have solved.  We began providing reliable connectivity to those who were struggling with poor connectivity which had been affecting their day-to-day business activities.  We provide Leased lines from all major providers and facilitate private access to Microsoft Azure, AWS and other Cloud platforms. 

Amongst many other accreditations Interhost are ISO 27001 certified and have achieved the highest standards of competency as a Microsoft Partner.  In particular we hold the Gold Cloud Platform and Gold Data Centre competencies.  We are also a premium Tier Cloud Solution Provider.

Interhost have remained at the forefront of IT support and cloud services through the dedication of our MSCE certified engineers. Our technical team give on-site, on-the phone, and on-email support all year round, building relationships with our customers and gaining full understanding of unique requirements.

Watching our customers grow we understand that priorities for businesses are often security and scalability.  As well as ensuring these basic needs are met, our customers can achieve their business objectives by utilising our extended hours of support, our on-site visits, our high-end anti-virus solutions and our data snapshot, backup, and replication solutions.  We can build bespoke Server environments and we consistently work with you and your company to understand how your business operates, providing a rapid response to the barriers your business faces on a day-to-day basis.

By working on environments provided by Interhost and by trusting our IT support, customers benefit from our:

  • robust data security measures
  • pay-as-you-go or annual IT maintenance and support
  • monthly flexible subscriptions to Office 365
  • private access to Microsoft Azure
  • high performance, scalable and robust connectivity options
  • hosted desktop or direct Azure access. We provide services to companies, small and large, who continue to benefit from the pain points we initially discovered twenty years ago.
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"You have to remember that we only deal with companies who can deliver a high level of service and understand that clients are important. Believe me, there are plenty of businesses out there who have forgotten that without clients they have no business, so that’s who you should look after first." Stephen Oakden, Architecture